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5 Headers

2 Dan Radcliffe headers

1 Heartagram header

2 HIM Dark Light headers








Please comment if taking and remember not to hotlink. Credit is expected if you use one. Please credit me in your userinfo. Just a mention like "Header by damned_icons" is fine.

Also please join this community to see more of my graphics in the future!

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Lovely! I took the heartagram header and the Wings of a Butterfly headers. So very pretty. Will credit when used.
Beautiful all of them, taking the Daniel Radcliffe headers, will credit when used, thanks.
Those are so hot! Taking the Daniel ones! Will credit.
took the first dark light header... will credit ♥
i like
I took the heartagram header..and I will credit when used. =)

I love your work.
taking the Daniel Radcliffe one and the heartagram ones.. I love HIM but I'm not taking the wings of a butterfly one because it's from the "wings of a butterfly" song and that's the most popular HIM song right now, and I don't like the "hit" songs. amazing work though.. do you think you can make one of the ones like you made for wings of a butterfly only with lyrics from Killing Loneliness or Vampire Heart?
will take two danradcliffe headers... will credit when used...
Taking the second Dan Radcliffe header - will credit when used!