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General questions taken from teh_indy  because she is a genious.

Can I add this journal to my friends list for updates?
Yes. But joining the community works better. I make public posts mostly but there may be a friends only graphics post I make now and then and you will miss them if you friend this community rather than join it.


Do you require credit?
YES. It is always required 100% of the time.


How should I credit you?
For icons - HERE is a tutorial on how to credit me
For brushes/light textures - either in the post containing icons, or in your user info, put brushes or light textures by damned_icons


I have your icons credited to kimberlywitch instead of damned_icons, is that ok?
Yes, that is 100% perfectly ok. Either name is fine.


Can I edit your icons?
No. I put a lot of work into all icons I make, and they are to be used as is, unless they are SPECIFICALLY labeled as bases (but I almost never post bases).



Can I host your icons on my fansite?
Yes, as long as you clearly label them as mine and provide a link back to this journal. Also, I would appreciate it if you could inform me that you'll be hosting them. :)


Do you take requests?
Occaisonally if I am short on ideas I will take requests for colorbars or icon fandoms, but I generally don't take requests because I just don't have the time. I am a full time college student and I work too, so yeah. That would make my life hard. Sorry!


Will you help me with my layout?


Will you give me your overrides?
No. I had to work very hard to get my journal to look like this (and so did other people I know who worked hard to help me with it) and I won't just give them to you.


Would you like to affiliate with my icon journal?
Yes. Please comment (with a button if you have one) to THIS POST. My buttons are in my userinfo. If you would like to affiliate with me please post one of my buttons in your userinfo (or wherever your affiliates are listed) first.


May I nominate your icons at award communities?
Yes. Go for it! Just please comment somewhere to let me know where and when you nominate me - I like to keep track of any awards I may win. :-D


I've commented on your journal, why haven't you replied?
Because things like "Taking icon #12 if thats okay?" doesn't seem like a question to me. If I posted it, obviously it is okay if you take it. I also won't reply if you ask me how I make my icons, or anything along those lines. If you aren't asking me a dumb question and I haven't replied yet, maybe I just totally missed it. (I get comments emailed to me, but it happens)


What programs do you use?
Paint Shop Pro 8 and Animation Shop 3


What font did you use for that icon?
Aside from fonts you see in my icons a lot I probably won't know and will be too lazy to find out. If it is a font you see all the time, I can probably answer you though.


Where did you get the screencaps/pictures for those icons?
That is on the resources page.


Where can I find your past icons?
All posts have been put into the memories. You will just have to dig around if you are looking for a certain icon. Plus I used to post my work in my personal journal zar_roc, so you can look around there as well.


What else do you offer besides icons?
Friends Only banners, colorbars, headers, occaisonally a wallpaper or two, light textures and brushes.

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