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+ I am the only poster.

+ All things posted are my orginal work and NOT TO BE ALTERED. Blanks do NOT mean bases.

+ Always, always, always credit me for whatever work you take.

+ I love comments :-D I generally like to know who has my stuff and what stuff was most popular so commenting is nice.

+ I do not take requests

+ No hotlinking. Bandwith theft is something I won't take lightly. I have ways of making your life hard if you steal bandwith from me. Just don't do it.

+ Do not claim any of these graphics as your own. Stealing icons gives you herpes.

+ Always check the FAQ before asking me any questions

+ Please check my resources if you would like to make sure you are credited, or if you just want to find the people I got my bases, light textures etc from.

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Place a button in your info to help me advertise my graphics! :-D

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If you'd like to affiliate with me leave a comment HERE

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(If you know someone who has stolen one of my icons please let me know ASAP. Thanks.)


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